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Plushie Vinyl

Plushie Vinyl

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Limited Edition: Only 300 printed. SHIPS by Late June, 2024  If your includes both a Buff Baby Plushie and/or Plushie Vinyl, they will be shipped when both items become available to ship.  This reduces your shipping costs greatly!

No Returns or Exchanges.  All Sales are Final :)

The A Side includes 4 acoustic versions of the following tobi lou songs:

01. Just Keep Goin' (Acoustic Version)

02. Buff Baby (Acoustic Version)

03. Darlin' (Acoustic Version)

04. Sad Last Night (Acoustic Version)

The B side includes 4 alternate versions those songs.

01.  Just Keep Goin' (Demo) - this is the first thing i bounced when I recorded Just Keep Goin' over KTwice's infamous first beat pack sent to me.  This one was titled Beat34 and as soon as it came on i just kinda went in a trance.  As you listen you hear that I really hadn't formulated the structure of the song yet, and I actually start off at what ends up being the 3rd verse of the song.  My song creation process is so go with the flow.

02.  Buff Baby (Demo) - when i made Buff Baby, I laid down some chords and started singing like I was in Adventure Time, after I laid the rough Idea down, I added a shaker.  This became the version i would listen to on repeat before getting JuiceBangers drums added.  The end includes a secret flip done by Ordnry Yngstr, which was one of the first versions I ever had of the song.

03.  Darlin' (oxy_gin Bootleg) - As I was submitting the info for this vinyl I hit up oxy_gin and asked him to throw some ideas on a song he was working on.  He responded very enthused and also said it's funny that I just hit him because he was just wrapping up this bootleg he had done for Darlin'.  When he sent it to me I was like whoa this is cool hearing this song in this type of space and this type of vibe.  I ended up listening to it a lot over the next few days as I was going through all my house belongings getting ready to move.  After awhile I just decided it felt right to include it on this vinyl.

04.  Sad Last Night (Lejkeys Edition) - Man, this is one of those versions where I hear it today and wonder what the f*ck was I thinking not including more of this in the OG version.  After laying my repetitive verse over Noah Breakfasts' & Glassface's addicting drums/bass line; Lejkeys basically sent me a version while we were going back in forth that is almost like an alternate dimension of Sad Last Night Louniverse.  I feel like I'm transported to a carnival where this is the only song that plays; like a bad dream almost but it's still beautiful.  As you're brought into the world you start to hear an hypnotic array of sounds layered into the sound space.  The second half of the song includes a new bass line that almost feels like it steals the show.  You basically get hear Lejkeys play the bass like a saxophone solo and it's the craziest thing I've ever heard.


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